Introducing ScanCard Pro!

Capture, save and organize your business cards.

ScanCard, the leading business card scanning application for iPhone, uses OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer business cards into the contacts in your iPhone.Just snap a picture of your business cards, you will no longer have to manually enter contact information from business cards.






Here is the new pro version of ScanCard! It’s ScanCard – Business Card Reader Pro. Update with fresh new iOS7 UI. Try to find the new benefits behind now!

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Top 5 reasons to use ScanCard

As we know, it’s really beneficial if you can invest the time to keep in touch with the people. Because the chances are usually brought by the relationships you have worked on.  But how to manage the business contacts in a better way? For me, I use ScanCard to manage all my business contacts. Because it can covert my business cards into digital versions conveniently and graphically. This is what I need in a digital world. In details, here is the top 5 reasons why you should try ScanCard, too.
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Updated: ScanCard – Business Card Scanner for iOS bug fixed!

Before we release next version for ScanCard,  we have fixed some bugs recently(updated on June 26th). This update will improve the program stability, so please update your ScanCard for iOS in time. If you have any comment, please feel free to contact us: support[at] .

What’s updated in version 2.6:

1. Fix the slow reaction problem when opening the Card Case.
2. Fix the problem that ScanCard will close automatically when taking photos, in some cases.

Update your ScanCard for iOS on the App Store:

Tips for business card scanning apps

ocr scanning business cards

1. OCR is not 100% accurate all the time.

2. The most important thing for business card scanning apps is the quality of initial image. The background, the font size, the font color, the clearness of objects and other aspects all affect the quality of the image taken by your camera(or phone camera) and will affect the recognition results finally.

3. 300 DPI is the standard quality for image to scan. Why? 300 DPI is just that number where you gain the most accuracy without sacrificing speed and file size according to analysis. Because the improvement gap between 200 DPI scan and 300 DPI scan will be at least 2 times the improvement gap of any other resolutions. However, the improvement gap of 300 DPI and 400 DPI  is nearly absent.
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OCR, DPI and accuracy

What is OCR? OCR is short for optical character recognition. It’s a technology which anbles you to change any scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. OCR is now used in many enterprises, not just libraries and goverments.(Note: OCR is not new. Because it has been developed since 1912)

Now, OCR can reach 98% accuracy. But it will decrease the accuracy when processing the images with different quality. And for OCR softwares, the quality of images is really important. Basically, the OCR softwares require a 200 megapixel camera with auto focus at least.

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Will 16MP Omnivision camera appears on iPhone 5?

Camera is a competitive area for smartphone manufacturers. Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S use the same camera sensor from Sony, while Nokia will release Nokia 808 PureView with crazy 41 mega pixels on June.

Apple has introduced significant improvements to the iPhone’s camera capabilities in nearly every generation of iDevice so far. And when I get a new iPhone with new camera, it always make me feel it’s whole new phone even other hardware specs don’t get a lot of improvements. iPhone camera is so excellent that people love to take photos by iPhone. It’s said that iPhone has been the most popular camera on Flickr for years. And there is so-called iPhoneography.

Recently, camera rumors for iPhone 5 are increasing sharply. As we know, Omnivision had supplied 3MP camera for iPhone 3GS and a backside-illuminated 5MP camera for iPhone 4 except iPhone 4s. iPhone 4S’s 8MP camera is from Sony instead of Omnivision.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) overview and examples

Today we are reviewing the Optical Character Recognition technology, which our software and application use.

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