Free App A Month: ScanDic and ScanDoc for iOS are on huge promotion!

ScanDic is a handy camera translator and ScanDoc is a camera document reader. These two apps have been best-sellers in the App Store for years but now they are just free for you!


ScanDic-Camera Translator: Free from February 16 to March 17 (Original price is 5.99$) Download link

ScanDic for iOS


ScanDoc-Document reader: Free from February 16 to March 17 (Original price is 5.99$)  Download link

ScanDoc for iOS


Free App A Day: ScanCard for iOS (European Version) &other discounts

We are happy to announce we have made some updates for 3 versions of ScanCard for iOS this week. So what’s new? Briefly, we have improved the accurate rate  for the recognition engine and the stability of application. Also,  we bring some discounts for our users today:

ScanCard European Version: Free App A Day(Original price is $1.99)

ScanCard Promo Version: $1.99 only

ScanCard Full version: $2.99 only from November 7 to November 9(Original price is $5.99)

Price drop: ScanDoc for iOS and ScanDic for iOS are both 1.99$ now!

ScanDoc is a mobile application which turns your phone camera into a document reader. While ScanDic can make your phone become a useful translator.

Now, we offer a special price for both ScanDoc for iOS and ScanDic for iOS from October 26, 2012 to November 10, 2012.

ScanDoc for iOS-Download (1.99$ now, original price is 5.99$)

ScanDic for iOS-Download (1.99$ now, original price is 5.99$)

Updated: ScanCard for iOS (European Version) brings improved stability and a special price of 0.99$

ScanCard – Business Card Reader(European Version) is a business card recognition application which makes your phone camera become a powerful business card scanner and a convenient business card manager. Now, we get a updated version for you with a great price reduction from $4.99 to $0.99! This price drop is valid from October 10th to October 14th. Come and get one!


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iOS 6, iPhone 5 and improved camera abilities

Last month, Apple unveiled iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. iOS 6 introduced a series of features including Apple Maps, Siri on the iPad, Facebook integration ,and FaceTime over celluar networks.

Now Apple releases iOS 6 beta 3, which brings new Maps settings and Mail icons with so-called “bug fixes and improvements”. Apple’s iOS 6 is expected in the fall, possibly with the release of iPhone 5.

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