Free App A Month: ScanDic and ScanDoc for iOS are on huge promotion!

ScanDic is a handy camera translator and ScanDoc is a camera document reader. These two apps have been best-sellers in the App Store for years but now they are just free for you!


ScanDic-Camera Translator: Free from February 16 to March 17 (Original price is 5.99$) Download link

ScanDic for iOS


ScanDoc-Document reader: Free from February 16 to March 17 (Original price is 5.99$)  Download link

ScanDoc for iOS


Let’s go paperless like Google in 2013


Can you imagine many companies in the United States are still using tons of paper every year? Yeah, even with the popularity of cloud computing, most US offices are still using tons of paper; around 10,000 sheets of paper a year per worker, according to the EPA.

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Price drop: ScanDoc for iOS and ScanDic for iOS are both 1.99$ now!

ScanDoc is a mobile application which turns your phone camera into a document reader. While ScanDic can make your phone become a useful translator.

Now, we offer a special price for both ScanDoc for iOS and ScanDic for iOS from October 26, 2012 to November 10, 2012.

ScanDoc for iOS-Download (1.99$ now, original price is 5.99$)

ScanDic for iOS-Download (1.99$ now, original price is 5.99$)

Updated: New ScanDoc Document Reader for Android arrives with performance enhancements

ScanDoc is a mobile application which turns your phone camera into a document reader. ScanDoc is able to quickly translate any documents in 20 popular languages. Now, we release 2 updated versions for you.


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5 tips to maximize your camera phone’s potential

Nowadays, camera phone (a wiki page about camera phone) becomes far more than a picture shooting device. Actually, it could recognize plenty of daily-life stuffs and could even help you learn the world better, thanks to some Android and iPhone apps. Right now, let’s discover together some pieces of examples about how to make better use of it. Here you go, the 5 tips we pick for your reading. Hopefully you would find some best camera phone apps for your need.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) overview and examples

Today we are reviewing the Optical Character Recognition technology, which our software and application use.

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New videos are available for our android applications

This week, we have updated three videos on YouTube, for ScanCard, ScanDoc and ScanDic.
We are looking forward to having any of your comments or suggestions.
Just enjoy them!

Links on YouTube:
ScanCard – Business Card Reader
ScanDoc – Document Reader
ScanDic – Camera Translator

More videos are available in our XMSCAN’s YouTube channel.

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