Introducing ScanCard Pro!

Capture, save and organize your business cards.

ScanCard, the leading business card scanning application for iPhone, uses OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer business cards into the contacts in your iPhone.Just snap a picture of your business cards, you will no longer have to manually enter contact information from business cards.






Here is the new pro version of ScanCard! It’s ScanCard – Business Card Reader Pro. Update with fresh new iOS7 UI. Try to find the new benefits behind now!

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It’s time to stop using this huge business card holder now!

Have you often received a huge number of business cards at every event? As a result, we do collect business cards  because who knows when we will need them. But it’s really annoying when you have received too many business cards in your office.
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What is a vCard and how do we use it?

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How technology can improve your business

Today we are in a changing world. Everyone is dependent on technology now. If you don’t utilize technology in your business, your business might suffer. Because there is a competition everywhere now. Here’s how a little technology can make a big difference:

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Updated: ScanCard for Android (Free trial version) brings new UI

ScanCard for Android (Free trial version) arrives with a new UI now. This version of ScanCard brings you 3 new things.

First, we have redesigned the main interface, which is content-oriented. With the new interface, it will be more easy for users to manage contact data because all the functions are based on visual management. Second, the new ” My Card” feature is a quick link to your business cards. Third, ScanCard for Android provides various sharing methods includes Share vCard and Share this photo(business card image). In addition, it can quickly call phone numbers, send SMSs, send emails, access websites and visit contact locations on Google Maps.

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How ScanCard can become your personal assistant

Do you have the difficulty to find the business card you need among hundreds of them? Do you often forget what people have talked to you when they give their business cards to you? Why you have such problems? It’s all because you don’t have a tool to manage or organize business cards. In today’s business world,  keeping your contacts updated on a regular basis is just important.  We are all working hard to get contacts with others to seeking great business opportunities, so why don’t you use a tool to keep your contacts updated regularly?

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