Let’s go paperless like Google in 2013


Can you imagine many companies in the United States are still using tons of paper every year? Yeah, even with the popularity of cloud computing, most US offices are still using tons of paper; around 10,000 sheets of paper a year per worker, according to the EPA.

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Christmas Gifts 2012: ScanCard-Business Card Reader is for 2-day free now!

Best business app for 2012 Christmas gift

Merry Christmas! We are happy to tell you that ScanCard Full Version is now offering huge discounts and ScanCard European Version is free for 2 days. Just come to get them. Enjoy!

ScanCard Full version(Download): $0.99 only from December 25-27(Original price is $4.99)

ScanCard European Version(Download)Free from December 25-26(Original price is $1.99)

ScanCard for iOS 6

It’s time to stop using this huge business card holder now!

Have you often received a huge number of business cards at every event? As a result, we do collect business cards  because who knows when we will need them. But it’s really annoying when you have received too many business cards in your office.
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Updated: ScanCard for iOS arrives with 3 new versions and a fresh new UI

We just updated 3 new versions for ScanCard for iOS. This time, we bring a new UI ,  a new management mode and also improve the fuzzy algorithm and recognition rate. Check them below:

ScanCard for iOS Full Version:  $4.99
ScanCard for iOS European Version:  Still $1.99 for promotion
ScanCard for iOS  Promotion Version: $1.99

Screenshots of ScanCard for iOS

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Free App A Day: ScanCard for iOS (European Version) &other discounts

We are happy to announce we have made some updates for 3 versions of ScanCard for iOS this week. So what’s new? Briefly, we have improved the accurate rate  for the recognition engine and the stability of application. Also,  we bring some discounts for our users today:

ScanCard European Version: Free App A Day(Original price is $1.99)

ScanCard Promo Version: $1.99 only

ScanCard Full version: $2.99 only from November 7 to November 9(Original price is $5.99)

What Windows Phone 8 means to developers?

Microsoft introduced the latest mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 with new features including Kid’s Corner, Live Apps, Rooms, Data Sense and new Skype this week. And Windows Phone Store also reached 120,000 apps.  At the same time, Google highlighted Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 with shocking prices,  but I think Microsoft still have a good chance in the mobile computing world. Below is the reasons:

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Price drop: ScanDoc for iOS and ScanDic for iOS are both 1.99$ now!

ScanDoc is a mobile application which turns your phone camera into a document reader. While ScanDic can make your phone become a useful translator.

Now, we offer a special price for both ScanDoc for iOS and ScanDic for iOS from October 26, 2012 to November 10, 2012.

ScanDoc for iOS-Download (1.99$ now, original price is 5.99$)

ScanDic for iOS-Download (1.99$ now, original price is 5.99$)

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