Android Market app missing issue

June 9, 2011 -Finally we applaud the return of our applications missing from Android Market since weeks ago. However, all we have done for saving our apps is just playing with the “save” button, in our Android developer’s account, without changing any text or settings. Since we have seen in forums some other apps are also suffering from the same mystery, we decide to publish the whole story here, hoping that could help.

May 19, 2011 -By searching our apps on some mobile phones, we notice that our applications are surprisingly missing Read more of this post


The most popular android phones

It is held that Android OS becomes No.1 in the smart phone’s world. A lot of buzz are created recently on the “Android vs iPhone OS” debate. At this occasion, XMSCAN’s marketing team makes a mini-study on “the most popular android phones”, based on XMSCAN’s app statistics.

We revise 2 periods for the same applications. Here below is an example with the app ScanCard – business card reader.

1. From July 2010 to February 2011:

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Résultats du concours Scancard Business Card Reader

Le concours s’est bien terminé le 3 avril 2011.
Voici la liste des gagnants. Félicitations à tous!
Enfin, merci a notre partenaire Les Applications! Nous nous retrouverons au prochain concours !

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