Introducing ScanCard Pro!

Capture, save and organize your business cards.

ScanCard, the leading business card scanning application for iPhone, uses OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer business cards into the contacts in your iPhone.Just snap a picture of your business cards, you will no longer have to manually enter contact information from business cards.






Here is the new pro version of ScanCard! It’s ScanCard – Business Card Reader Pro. Update with fresh new iOS7 UI. Try to find the new benefits behind now!

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App Store 5th Anniversary Sale: ScanCard, ScanDoc, ScanDic and more


Since the App Store launched in 2008, over 50 billion apps have been downloaded. Now, it’s 5th Anniversary. We are happy to join the celebration! Here is a good collection of business tools for you to download and enjoy:

ScanCard-Business Card Scanner: 4.99$ to 0.99$ (July 9 to 11)

ScanDoc – Document Reader: 5.99$ to 0.99$ (July 9 to 11)

ScanDic-Camera Translator: 2.99$ to free (July 9 to 11)

SCANPIM-Address Book Sync/Backup/Restore: 1.99$ to free (July 9 to 11)

ScanCard for business

Christmas Gifts 2012: ScanCard-Business Card Reader is for 2-day free now!

Best business app for 2012 Christmas gift

Merry Christmas! We are happy to tell you that ScanCard Full Version is now offering huge discounts and ScanCard European Version is free for 2 days. Just come to get them. Enjoy!

ScanCard Full version(Download): $0.99 only from December 25-27(Original price is $4.99)

ScanCard European Version(Download)Free from December 25-26(Original price is $1.99)

ScanCard for iOS 6

It’s time to stop using this huge business card holder now!

Have you often received a huge number of business cards at every event? As a result, we do collect business cards  because who knows when we will need them. But it’s really annoying when you have received too many business cards in your office.
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Don’t fear the tech in a world of iPhone

After hundreds of  days of speculation and hype, finally Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 on September 12.  Obviously, there are no huge innovations and what we see is an improved iPhone.

But iPhone has been loved by many ordinary people such as our parents for 5 years. So we see the pre-orders of iPhone 5 are 20 times of iPhone 4S.
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What is a vCard and how do we use it?

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Sina Weibo releases a new mobile application powered by ScanCard

Sina is well known for being one of most powerful Internet giants in China. And Weibo is a famous microblogging service from Sina, which is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. Now, Weibo has been No.1 social network in China, which is reported that it has owned more than 300 million registered users  since February 2012. (Note: Sina Weibo was launched by SINA Corporation on 14 August 2009.) Now, Sina releases a new mobile application called Vcard which is based both on Weibo and ScanCard.

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