3 Responses to iOS7: 7 things to expect

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    Kool notes on iOS 7!

  2. raidem8 says:

    I especially like number 2, the shortcuts. Especially for 3G, I takes me forever to navigate to it in settings and I just want to swipe and turn it on.

  3. crunchedd says:

    The trouble is, apple wants every user to have the same experience, regardless of their past experiences with technology. Apple just doesn’t want to sacrifice on that aspect. And many of these small tweaks, most probably have patent issues, so the game for apple becomes much more difficult to play.

    A small thing like iPad Mini, has got apple into so much trouble. Just over a name! Apple really has to make a cut, and prove its worth. It really has to innovate even more. Even though still ahead, but the competition is catching up.

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