CES 2013: what we care about?

The paperless office is not new today. For many years, we’d have easy access to documents all the time.  And we wouldn’t need to store documents to take much space in the office.


Now Fujitsu announced their latest scanner ScanSnap iX500, that brings the paperless office a step closer to reality. This new scanner can help you to send files directly to any iOS or Andorid device, not just send to your DropBox or Evernote. Thanks to a new processor,  it can scan up to 25 double-sided pages per minute, compared with 20 ppm on Fujitsu’s last desktop model.

ScanSnap iX500 is priced at $495. Yeah, it’s a good product but the price is as expensive as a smartphone. I think most of people will not need pay so much money to do just one thing. However, if you use mobile applications like ScanCard – Business Card Scanner and ScanDoc – Document Reader,  you don’t need to pay so much money and you can just use your smartphone camera to scan all your documents by anytime and anywhere:

ScanCard for iOS 6

ScanCard – Business Card Scanner(iOS): $4.99 (Download)

ScanCard Business Card Reader(Android): $5.99 (Download)

ScanDoc – Document Reader(iOS): $5.99(Download)

ScanDoc Document Reader(Android): $5.99 (Download)


2 Responses to CES 2013: what we care about?

  1. jill collins (@jillc420 on fancy) says:

    I just happen to come by your name & we’re what fancy calls “similar users” so I thought I’d check u out, & I think u may be able to help me I’m trying to switch from Verizon to page plus & the lady that changed my driod to page plus had no idea how to change a 4g fone over…..I was wondering if u had any ideas? If not I’m sorry to have bother your beautiful Saturday, its 10:30am here I hope its not too early where ever you’re at this am!, tks Jill

    • Mr.Jay says:

      You’re welcome. But I don’t know that, too.

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