Let’s go paperless like Google in 2013


Can you imagine many companies in the United States are still using tons of paper every year? Yeah, even with the popularity of cloud computing, most US offices are still using tons of paper; around 10,000 sheets of paper a year per worker, according to the EPA.

Now, a bunch of companies that provide cloud service start a campaign called Paperless 2013.  It’s funded by the “Paperless Coalition,” a group of digital solution companies comprised of Google Drive, HelloFax, Manilla, HelloSign, Expensify, Xero and Fujitsu ScanSnap:

Google Drive: one place to create, share and keep all your stuff
Fujitsu SnapScan: scan your existing paper, mail and business cards
Expensify: track and report expenses
Manilla: track and pay bills online
Xero: accounting software online
HelloSign: fill out and sign documents online
HelloFax: online faxing

Visit  http://www.paperless2013.org,  they will email you monthly tips and articles on how to make 2013 a paperless year for your business.

For us, we also provide the softwares and solutions for paperless campaign, such as ScanCard – Business Card Scanner(iOS/Android) and ScanDoc – Document Reader(iOS/Android).

ScanCard – Business Card Scanner(iOS): $4.99(Download)

ScanCard European Lite Version(iOS): Free with iAD (Download)

ScanCard Business Card Reader(Android): $5.99 (Download)

ScanCard BCR US/EU Lite(Android): Free (Download)

ScanDoc – Document Reader(iOS): $5.99 (Download)

ScanDoc Document Reader(Android): $5.99 (Download)



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