Updated: ScanCard for iOS arrives with 3 new versions and a fresh new UI

We just updated 3 new versions for ScanCard for iOS. This time, we bring a new UI ,  a new management mode and also improve the fuzzy algorithm and recognition rate. Check them below:

ScanCard for iOS Full Version:  $4.99
ScanCard for iOS European Version:  Still $1.99 for promotion
ScanCard for iOS  Promotion Version: $1.99

Screenshots of ScanCard for iOS

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Features of ScanCard for iOS

1] Fast and accurate character recognition

2] Business cards supported: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, European languages

3] User Interface:English,
Simplified Chinese and, Traditional Chinese

4] Batch processing of cards: load images from the photo roll; all selected card images will be processed in one click.

5] Search contact by any keyword: any information recognized can be used to retrieved the full contact information.

6] Export contacts to phone address book

7] (NEW) Export your contact to the cloud on Aipim server (http://www.aipim.cn)

8] Quick contact actions:
– Share contact’s information and business card image
– Quick call
– Send email
– Visit contact’s website
– Visualize contact’s address via map location


3 Responses to Updated: ScanCard for iOS arrives with 3 new versions and a fresh new UI

  1. Sec says:

    Thank you for the offer. Are there any instructions on how to make it work? My cards are too large for the scan bed and cover up where there is a camera I think you are supposed to touch to take a photo. I’d really like this to work.

    • Mr.Jay says:

      Yes. Touch to take a photo then recognize it.

  2. Mr.Jay says:

    ScanCard review: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=17701508

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