iPhone 5 release: the good and the bad

Apple [AAPL]  today introduced its all-new iPhone 5 finally. Surrounded by iPhone 5 rumors, leaks and news for nearly half year, now we really have a chance to know what iPhone 5 can bring to us.

The good

The best thing is that the iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, faster. We have a faster processor(A6), a larger screen(4 inch) and a better network ablity(4G LTE) at least. With in-cell technology, the iPhone became more thinner and lighter. A crystalline diamond cuts iPhone 5 a beveled edge.

Put these features all together,  you can enjoy the iOS ecosystem better. And with the official release of iOS 6, you will experience better.

The bad

Of course there’s still a few problems for iPhone 5. First, iPhone 5 camera doesn’t get much updated. Panorama feature is not new at all. Many apps in the App Store can do this for you, even for Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S3. Second, Apple brings new 9-pin dock connector but I am not willing to pay more for this. Third,  Apple, please don’t  make an introduction event for the consumers for half a year…

With the official introduction of iPhone 5 and iOS 6, new ScanCard for iOS is on the way too.


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