iPhone 5 event: 10 things to expect on September 12

Preceded by leaks, rumors, and reports, Apple’s upcoming event is the most expected mobile technology-related media event of the year. The date is set and expectations are high now. And what we can expect from the new iPhone?

1. 4-inch display (True)

One of the most obvious and important physical changes rumored for the iPhone 5 is a bigger, 4-inch screen with a taller, 16:9 aspect ratio. If it’s true, it will be the first time that Apple changes the physical size and aspect ratio of an iPhone display. It has been 5 years since Apple introduced first iPhone with 3.5-inch screen in 2007. In 2010, Apple doubled the pixel density of the iPhone display from 320×480 to 640×960, while the physical size and 3:2 aspect ratio stayed the same. Now the new resolution is reported to be 640×1136.

2. Better processor (True)

According 9to5Mac, iPhone 5 may be the first iDevice to use the company’s rumored A6 processor, a quad-core chip that will enable noticeably faster performance. Now, most of new Android phones have used quad-core processor, let’s see how Apple make good use of a quad-core processor.

3. Better camera (False)

In June 7, we had discussed the possibility of the 16 MP Omnivision camera ‘s appearance on next iPhone.  Other rumor said there will be a removable lens(Note: like DSLR) for the new iPhone. As we know, iPhone has been the most popular phone camera in the Flickr for many years.  However, Nokia have released N0kia Pureview 808 with a crazy 41MP camera on June, 2012. And recently they have used Pureview technology on its WP8 flagship Nokia Lumia 920. The competition is so hot that I am more eager to know what the new iPhone 5 camera can brings this time. And the camera-based applications like ScanCard will be benefit from the improved camera of iPhone 5, too.

4. Identical pricing (True)

According to 9to5mac, the price of the iPhone 5 is rumored to be on the same level as that of the Apple iPhone 4S. Accordingly, the iPhone 5 will cost $649 for the 16GB version, $749 for the 32GB version, and $849 for the 64GB version without a contract. Of course, you can get a better deal with contract obligations: a 16GB iPhone 5 will be $199.99, a 32GB iPhone 5 will cost $299.99 and a 64GB iPhone 5 will remain at $399.99.

5. 4G LTE (True)

The WSJ reports that the iPhone 5 will support ultra-fast LTE network. But unlike the third-generation iPad, the new iPhone will support global versions of LTE for Asia and Europe in addition to the United States. The WSJ sayS that it is “unlikely” that all carriers will support the LTE feature, though.

6. In-cell screen (True)

With the new in-cell technology, iPhone 5 is reported to be thinner than 8.5mm!!! (Note: iPhone 4S is 9.3 mm thick, which is thicker than Samsung’s latest debut Galaxy S3(8.6mm thick). )

7. Metal back (True)

The iPhone 4S features a back made of all glass, which is more beautiful but also fragile. From the rumors, the next iPhone will be covered by a metal back. Apparently,  the metal back will make iPhone more solid.  Also, it gives the new iPhone a “Unibody” feel which is similar to Macbook.

8. Passbook powered by NFC (False)

It has been serval times that the reporters said there will be a NFC feature for iPhone. This time, maybe we can expect that iPhone 5 will power the new-introduced Passbook with NFC. Passbook is Apple’s new e-tickets app, enabling you to carry electronic tickets for anything from sports events,  digital loyalty cards to plane travel.

9. The official release of iOS 6 (True)

iOS 6 has brought some notable features like 3D Maps, Passbook, Siri for iPad, Facebook integration andFacetiem over cellular. Now the new rumor reported that there will be an AirPlay Direct feature for users to wirelessly stream video and audio to AirPlay enabled devices such as the Apple TV.

10. New iPods (True)

According to 9to5Mac, Apple will be introducing a tweaked iPod shuffle, new iPod nano, and new iPod touches with this time’s  iPhone 5 event on September 12th.

Editor:  After September 12, we finally know most of rumors for iPhone 5 are true… It means we have followed the iPhone 5 event for half a year. What do you think of the change of Apple’s  secrecy? Is it good or bad, for consumers?


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