iPhone 5 main camera is made by Sony while the front camera is from OmniVision

In June, there is some evidence that iPhone 5 may have 16 MP camera from OmniVision. However, finally there is no big upgrade for iPhone 5 camera, which is still 8MP camera, not so-called 16 MP.

Now, a photo of camera part from ChipWorks  shows that the main camera of iPhone 5 is from Sony. As we know, Sony had provided camera for Apple iPhone 4S last year. Before, the iPhone camera is from US company OmniVision. (Note: Omnivision had supplied 3MP camera for iPhone 3GS and a backside-illuminated 5MP camera for iPhone 4.) Earlier, Sony chief executive Howard Stringer revealed that his company is supplying Apple with camera technology and now it’s clear what he meant. Sony has both the tradition and the aggressiveness to deliver the camera on the best selling smartphone so far. So it’s not very surprising that Sony produces iPhone camera again for Apple.

But the front-facing camera is from OmniVision, according to Chipworks. iPhone 5’s front camera is upgraded from VGA to 1.2 megapixels this time, which allows the iPhone 5 to support 720p Facetime HD video chats.

With the updated iPhone 5 camera, new ScanCard for iOS is on the way, too.


Updated: New ScanDoc Document Reader for Android arrives with performance enhancements

ScanDoc is a mobile application which turns your phone camera into a document reader. ScanDoc is able to quickly translate any documents in 20 popular languages. Now, we release 2 updated versions for you.


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Don’t fear the tech in a world of iPhone

After hundreds of  days of speculation and hype, finally Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 on September 12.  Obviously, there are no huge innovations and what we see is an improved iPhone.

But iPhone has been loved by many ordinary people such as our parents for 5 years. So we see the pre-orders of iPhone 5 are 20 times of iPhone 4S.
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iPhone 5 release: the good and the bad

Apple [AAPL]  today introduced its all-new iPhone 5 finally. Surrounded by iPhone 5 rumors, leaks and news for nearly half year, now we really have a chance to know what iPhone 5 can bring to us.

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iPhone 5 event: 10 things to expect on September 12

Preceded by leaks, rumors, and reports, Apple’s upcoming event is the most expected mobile technology-related media event of the year. The date is set and expectations are high now. And what we can expect from the new iPhone?
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What is a vCard and how do we use it?

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Top 10 business apps for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Apple’s iPhone has been the most favourite gadget for professionals. There are thousands of business apps worth using for business professionals. Check out our top 10 business apps for the  iPhone 5 and new  iPad.

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