Sina Weibo releases a new mobile application powered by ScanCard

Sina is well known for being one of most powerful Internet giants in China. And Weibo is a famous microblogging service from Sina, which is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. Now, Weibo has been No.1 social network in China, which is reported that it has owned more than 300 million registered users  since February 2012. (Note: Sina Weibo was launched by SINA Corporation on 14 August 2009.) Now, Sina releases a new mobile application called Vcard which is based both on Weibo and ScanCard.

Sina Vcard allows people to exchange their business cards with their friends or clients in the Weibo. And it also can be used to make new friends and contact with customers in the Weibo. And Vcard  is also a contacts manager for users, and keeps your contacts be updated with your friends. When you friends change anything on their business cards, Vcard will notify you immediately so you’ll never lose touch with friends.

Furthermore,  Vcard has used the OCR technology to transfer paper business cards into digital versions, which is powered by ScanCard. Vcard is able to turn your phone into a powerful business card scanner just like ScanCard. Vcard is available now on two platforms:  iOS and Android.

About ScanCard

ScanCard is a mobile application which turns your phone camera into a business card reader. SanCard is able to quickly capture and easily manage your contact information from business cards in 20 popular languages.

ScanCard for iOS:         Promo version   Full version
ScanCard for AndroidTrial version       Full version

About Sina Vcard

Vcard for iOS
Vcard for Android

For more information, please visit Vcard’s Sina page:


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