New introduction video is available now for ScanCard (Android)

Here is the introduction video for the new version of ScanCard-Business Card Reader for Android. ScanCard is a powerful mobile application to turn your phone camera into a business card reader. SanCard is able to quickly capture and easily manage your contact information from business cards in 20 popular languages.

The new version of ScanCard brings you 3 new things today. First, we have redesigned the main interface, which is content-oriented. With the new interface, it will be more easy for users to manage contact data because all the functions are based on visual management. Second, the new” My Card” feature is a place to favorites your business cards. Third,  the new ScanCard  for Android provides various sharing methods include Share vCard, Share this photo(business card image). In addition, the new ScanCard for Android also allows users to check every section of information for every business card. So users can quickly capture phone numbers, SMS numbers, email address, website address and location on Google Maps by fingers.


Cloud Connection®, is a leading provider of document recognition, business card recognition and OCR solutions. The main products include ScanCard, ScanDic and ScanDoc.

More videos are available in our XMSCAN’s YouTube channel.


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