iPhone 5 rumors: leaked front panel, Facetime camera and 3D camera…

Apple iPhone 5 is coming. The latest rumors are more about camera. So what can expect for new iPhone camera?

Leaked front panel

UBreakiFix has received these photos of the front panel of  iPhone 5 from one of their distributors.  There photos again confirm that next iPhone will have a 4- inch screen this time, which Apple may keep the horizontal resolution at 640 pixels while “stretching” the vertical to 1,136 pixels. In addition, the next iPhone would be able to offer 16-by-9 aspect ratio contents while retaining one-handed operation.

New Facetime camera&3D camera

A report by UBreakiFix.com shows the leaked images depicting the Facetime camera position on the upcoming iPhone has surfaced.  And from early rumors, Trusted report suggested the iPhone 5 will land with a high-spec 3D imaging camera that will apply both on still photography and video. In details, the patent outlines a 3D imaging camera that will allow users to make use of advanced micro lenses to add visual depth to extra-dimensional snaps.

September 12th

In June 7, we had discussed the possibility of the 16 MP Omnivision camera ‘s appearance on next iPhone. For ScanCard, we are also expecting that next iPhone will significantly improve the camera ability greatly.

The new iPhone is expected to be launched on September 12th, with rumors pointing to pre-orders beginning the same day ahead of a Sept. 21 U.S. launch.


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