Top 5 reasons to use ScanCard

As we know, it’s really beneficial if you can invest the time to keep in touch with the people. Because the chances are usually brought by the relationships you have worked on.  But how to manage the business contacts in a better way? For me, I use ScanCard to manage all my business contacts. Because it can covert my business cards into digital versions conveniently and graphically. This is what I need in a digital world. In details, here is the top 5 reasons why you should try ScanCard, too.

1. Avoid collecting too many business cards that you will never think of or use.

You can use ScanCard to recognize the business cards you really need. ScanCard is designed for you to organize your business cards in a new way. It’s more like a habit.

2. Your digital business cards can be saved in your mobile address book, in the ScanCard database or on the cloud service.

A digital business card is not likely to be lost like a paper card. You have lots of options to store your digital business cards. And you can use your buisiness cards anytime, anywhere.

3. Your digital business cards are organized graphically in the ScanCard.

In the ScanCard, your business cards can be organized by groups with a picture preview feature.

4. You can easily find people in the ScanCard.

For paper business cards, you find the business cards you need manually. Often, you just forget where is the business card you want to find out. By ScanCard, you can just search for it from your hundreds of business cards.

5. You can easily share your business cards.

In the ScanCard, you can share your business cards to people by various ways like email, SMS, social networks and so on.

The links:

ScanCard for iOS: Promotion version Full version

ScanCard for Android: Free trial version  Full version


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