iOS is becoming more powerful in business with enhanced security

First iPhone was introduced in June 2007 and soon it became a success. At that time, iPhone was a dark horse in the mobile phone market but as what other mobile manufacturers said iPhone security was just too weak. And in fact, there was lots of bugs in the first iPhone that allow hackers to access the system easily. Some bugs were not solved until one year later.

Now, the iPhone has passed a key security threshold. It’s said that Apple have used a security technology called Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm(AES) for years, which was a data-scrambling system published in 1998 and adopted as a U.S. government standard in 2001. After more than a decade of exhaustive analysis, AES is widely regarded as unbreakable. It’s reported that even a quantum computer can not crach a truly random 256-bit AES key. In addtion, AES-256 has been used by the National Security Agency for years and classified it as TOP SECRET.

On the other hand, Blackberry has been popular in enterprises for years and they also have a strong encryption system that can be based on multiple factors in addition to the user’s PIN. But the operating system on Blackberry is too old and can not compete with iOS or Android in many aspects. Android also supports encrypted storage, but only for some of the data on the phone.

Also, iPhone always support a PIN lock. With Apple’s more sophisticated approach to encryption, the people who want to access your phone system will take a lot of time to try the PIN. If the user chooses a six-digit PIN, the maximum time required would be 22 hours; a nine-digit PIN would require 2.5 years, and a 10-digit pin would take 25 years.

It’s a trend that iOS will play a more important role in the business. Apple now is also working hard on enhancing the ability of iOS on the business area. Apple have created a business page for iPhone, iPad and Mac this year.


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