How to reconnect with former clients

Always, one of the important elements of successful referral and repeat marketing is keeping in touch with former clients. For many reasons, you can’t follow your old clients regularly. Maybe you got busy, or they moved, or you just simply lost touch with them. But if you have a strategy, you will not be messed up. Only by communicating in the right way, at the right frequency, can you ensure a steady stream of referrals and repeat sales.

There are several ways to reconnect. The most efficient way is to pick up a phone. Because it’s just common in business and it’s a direct way to reach your clients. But before you call someone, you need to prepare what you want to say, then your call will not sound like a cold call. Also, email is good to reconnect with your old clients. Email gives you more time to organize your words and reduces the anxiety when you pick up a phone. Today, someone also use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Social networks make the conversation look more real and sincere in some ways.

So how to reconnect with your former clients most effective? Here are some ideas.

1. Get organized

Before you find someone to contact with, you need have a habit to organize and update all your contacts regularly. Then, you can review your database and analyze who you need to call, email, or say something on social networks.

2. Set goals

Determine how many calls and connections you will make in one day. Determine who you prefer to call, who you prefer to write a email and who will like social network conversations more.

3. Prepare

You kind of have to be prepared for anything, really. It’s better to prepare your words and make an outline before you pick up a phone, write an email or use your social network connections. Most of all, you should have a good introduction for yourself first.

4. Practice

This may seem like a painful exercise, but it will pay off as you make your initial calls. Don’t practice on your customers!

5. Send a follow up email

The email will be a nice reminder that you want to continue to be the customer’s business partner.


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