How ScanCard can become your personal assistant

Do you have the difficulty to find the business card you need among hundreds of them? Do you often forget what people have talked to you when they give their business cards to you? Why you have such problems? It’s all because you don’t have a tool to manage or organize business cards. In today’s business world,  keeping your contacts updated on a regular basis is just important.  We are all working hard to get contacts with others to seeking great business opportunities, so why don’t you use a tool to keep your contacts updated regularly?

For the problems, ScanCard is what you need. With ScanCard, Everything will be well organized. First, it’s easy to recognize all your business cards into digital versions, which are able to saved to your mobile phone address book easily and grouped in the application. Second, ScanCard also keep a view function for you to read your contacts, which is like iTunes’  CD cover image. Third, it’s very easy for you to search your all business cards. Fourth, all the business cards are able to be saved on the cloud service.

The powerful management of ScanCard is what the value ScanCard can bring to you. It’s always consistently keeping your business cards well-organized.  Want to get one? Click the links below:

ScanCard for iOS

ScanCard for Android


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