What’s hot and what’s not in the iPhone 5

Before the sources said the next iPhone will be released on October. Now more news websites has  “confirmed” that Apple will introduce iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on a precise date September 12th. No doubt, iPhone 5 will be a hit next month. So what features are most expected by people and what else people will never care about?


4-inch Screen with In-cell Technology

Steve Jobs had said that 3.5- inch screen is the best size for smartphone. However, things are changed because people do not think 4.0-inch phone is too large now.  Galaxy Note is just a perfect example. (Note: In 1 June 2012, Samsung announced that 7 million had been shipped.)  I think more people will like to own a 4-inch iPhone in order to get a better experience on big screen. Besides, with in-cell technology, iPhone 5 will be thinner than 8.5mm!!! (Note: iPhone 4S is 9.3 mm thick, which is thicker than Samsung’s latest debut Galaxy S3(8.6mm thick). )

A Better Rear Camera

The rear camera on the iPhone 4S is arguably the best camera among the smartphones. From the leaked photo for next iPhone, we find that  the camera module cutout looks to be larger, which maybe prove that Omnivison’s 16MP backside-illumniated camera rumor for iPhone 5 is just real. No doubt, Apple will still work hard to improve the camera ability whether they will upgrade 8MP camera to 16 MP camera or not. Because iPhone has been one of most popular cameras in the Flickr for years and the camera ability is always one of important features for people to choose iPhone. This is also a good news to OCR based applications like ScanCard, ScanDoc.

Metal Back

The iPhone 4S features a back made of all glass, which is more beautiful but also fragile. According to the leaked photos, the next iPhone will be covered by a metal back. Apparently,  the metal back will make iPhone more solid. On the other hand, it also gives the new iPhone a “Unibody” feel which is similar to Macbook.

3D Maps

Apple introduced a new map application with 3D effects which is not bulit by Google!!! And it works with Siri. It’s good to know that Apple is trying to change the experience we use mobile maps.


Passbook is Apple’s new e-tickets app, enabling you to carry electronic tickets for anything from sports events,  digital loyalty cards to plane travel.  Many have speculated about Apple’s purchase of AuthenTec will be used on mobile payment security of iOS devices in the future.


Redesigned Speaker Grills

The speakers on the bottom have been expanded and redesigned in the new iPhone model. From the leaked photos,  the speakers are just not the Apple style. At some point, the speakers look ugly even they maybe can supply better sound effect for the bigger size

Facebook Integration

In iOS 5, Apple has optimized nearly every app for Twitter. Now in iOS 6, Apple decided to apply these same tactics of deep integration with Facebook, the world’s largest social network with more than 900 million users. But for us, Facebook is just a website. We don’t want to see Facebook everywhere.

Phone Features

Apple hadn’t updated the general phone features since it was introduced in 2007 with the first iPhone. In iOS 6, Apple has supplied a Do Not Disturb mode which is common on Nokia phones and other phones for many years. Apple also added FaceTime support over cellular channels, including 3G. But for many people, this feature is just not a must-have under current 3G networks.


One Response to What’s hot and what’s not in the iPhone 5

  1. LondonCyclist says:

    “At some point, the speakers look ugly even they maybe can supply better sound effect for the bigger size” Proper English might be a good idea, just saying. Also, such tiny speakers will ALWAYS sound rubbish, I repeat RUBBISH – until speaker technology moves a long way forward from today.

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