Sina Weibo releases a new mobile application powered by ScanCard

Sina is well known for being one of most powerful Internet giants in China. And Weibo is a famous microblogging service from Sina, which is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. Now, Weibo has been No.1 social network in China, which is reported that it has owned more than 300 million registered users  since February 2012. (Note: Sina Weibo was launched by SINA Corporation on 14 August 2009.) Now, Sina releases a new mobile application called Vcard which is based both on Weibo and ScanCard.

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How technology can improve your business

Today we are in a changing world. Everyone is dependent on technology now. If you don’t utilize technology in your business, your business might suffer. Because there is a competition everywhere now. Here’s how a little technology can make a big difference:

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Updated: ScanCard for Android (Free trial version) brings new UI

ScanCard for Android (Free trial version) arrives with a new UI now. This version of ScanCard brings you 3 new things.

First, we have redesigned the main interface, which is content-oriented. With the new interface, it will be more easy for users to manage contact data because all the functions are based on visual management. Second, the new ” My Card” feature is a quick link to your business cards. Third, ScanCard for Android provides various sharing methods includes Share vCard and Share this photo(business card image). In addition, it can quickly call phone numbers, send SMSs, send emails, access websites and visit contact locations on Google Maps.

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New introduction video is available now for ScanCard (Android)

Here is the introduction video for the new version of ScanCard-Business Card Reader for Android. ScanCard is a powerful mobile application to turn your phone camera into a business card reader. SanCard is able to quickly capture and easily manage your contact information from business cards in 20 popular languages.

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iPhone 5 rumors: leaked front panel, Facetime camera and 3D camera…

Apple iPhone 5 is coming. The latest rumors are more about camera. So what can expect for new iPhone camera?

Leaked front panel

UBreakiFix has received these photos of the front panel of  iPhone 5 from one of their distributors.  There photos again confirm that next iPhone will have a 4- inch screen this time, which Apple may keep the horizontal resolution at 640 pixels while “stretching” the vertical to 1,136 pixels. In addition, the next iPhone would be able to offer 16-by-9 aspect ratio contents while retaining one-handed operation.

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Top 5 reasons to use ScanCard

As we know, it’s really beneficial if you can invest the time to keep in touch with the people. Because the chances are usually brought by the relationships you have worked on.  But how to manage the business contacts in a better way? For me, I use ScanCard to manage all my business contacts. Because it can covert my business cards into digital versions conveniently and graphically. This is what I need in a digital world. In details, here is the top 5 reasons why you should try ScanCard, too.
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Ways to be productive

Most of us are busy at work and life. Some of us jump out of bed, have a quick breakfast and rush to catch a bus or metro every morning. Life can be so busy. If you are like me, you might be looking for ways to be more productive with your time at this moment.

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