3 useful tips to green your business

Greening is now the trend for every company. Because it’s not just to save your money, but also about creating an eco-friendly environment to your employees. These tips can help your business go green for 2012.

1. Go paperless

Paperless offices can save storage space and shorten your time to find the information from thousands of documents in your company. Scan your old documents now, then you’ll be able to find all your data faster. Use a professional scanner, you can remove paper clutter by digitizing paper files, save space, eliminate file cabinets, and folders, find documents faster, and easily e-mail documents. In the market, there are lots of scanner brands like Fujitsu, Epson and Panasonic you can choose from.

Still, you can use some applications to scanning your documents. For example, ScanDoc is an application using your phone camera to scan your documents into digital versions, and ScanCard can help make your business cards become digital and easy to manage.

Further more, you can also use some online storage service( like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box…) or online document application ( like Google Docs, Evernote, Zoho, ThinkFree…) Once any document is uploaded you can access your documents anywhere anytime and easily share them with co-workers. And they can be your data backups for your computer, too.

2.Think about the lifecycle before buying electronics

It’s true we can’t buy an electronic device which is 100% organic or packaging-free. But we should choose a more eco-friendly one. Recently, Apple pulled out MacBook Pro Retina’s EPEAT application, which raises a great reaction from consumers. And now, it’s reported that Apple has rejoined EPEAT. Obviously, environment protection is more important to tech comanies now. (Note: the nonprofit EPEAT ratings mark laptops and desktops that conserve more energy and use fewer toxic materials than others.)

3. Turn off electronics at night

It’s very easy to forget to power down your computer at the end of the day. So it’s better to have a habit to check your computer is off before you leave the office. It just saves energy and money.

Finally, if you can follow these tips, please tell the world. Once environmental behaviors are implemented, they can be used as leverage with current and potential users.


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