Next iPhone: bigger screen, thinner body…

(iPhone 5 concept design by ADR Studio)

As we know, Apple has used 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone for 5 years. Steve Jobs had said 3.5- inch screen is the best size for smartphone. However, things are changed because people do not think 4.0-inch phone is too large now. So you know that even 5.3-inch phone is no longer a problem for people and Samsung Galaxy Note has became one of most popular Android phones in the world. (Note: In 1 June 2012, Samsung announced that 7 million had been shipped.)

Therefore, iPhone 5 is said to have 4-inch screen this time. Even more, according to WSJ, iPhone 5 is now being manufactured by Asian component makers with a “thinner” touch screen. Now, iPhone 4S is 9.3 mm thick, which is thicker than Samsung’s latest debut Galaxy S3(8.6mm thick). However, We can expect iPhone 5 to be thinner than 8.5mm if Apple use in-cell technology on iPhone 5.



In details, this new technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD thereby removing an separate component layer just for the touch-screen. And it’s said this technology will improve the image quality at the same time.

It’s reported that Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display are currently producing panels for the next iPhone by using in-cell technology. Obviously, iPhone 5 is important for these LCD makers to show their higher display technology compared to the companies who produce conventional touch panels like Taiwan’s Wintek Corp. and TPK Holding. The two companies this time seems lose orders from Apple. For the last time, they had supplied the touch panels for the iPhone 4S.

For us, the most excited part is that we can get a 4-inch or larger screen. Because larger screen will improve the application UI design greatly. For ScanCard, we have developed an UI for big-screen Android phones for a long time. Now it will be iPhone’s turn.

The next generation iPhone is expected to be launched this fall.


4 Responses to Next iPhone: bigger screen, thinner body…

  1. Shad says:

    I have tried using the Samsung Galaxy Note. And I mean that big one!
    It was just too large for me to handle! one of the reasons I couldn’t stay with the samsung!
    I am not sure about the size idea, the overall look great and nice! but the size looks a little bit like an exaggeration.

    • Mr.Jay says:

      Yeah but I still saw lots of girls are using Samsung Galaxy Note…

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