iOS 6, iPhone 5 and improved camera abilities

Last month, Apple unveiled iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. iOS 6 introduced a series of features including Apple Maps, Siri on the iPad, Facebook integration ,and FaceTime over celluar networks.

Now Apple releases iOS 6 beta 3, which brings new Maps settings and Mail icons with so-called “bug fixes and improvements”. Apple’s iOS 6 is expected in the fall, possibly with the release of iPhone 5.

However, for new iOS 6, we care about the camera ability more because we are a company which is based on OCR technology. So far as we know, iOS6 SDK for developers allows people to create better apps with the enhanced Camera app. The improvement from iOS 6 Camera app is the ability to control camera focus and exposure. For scanning apps, I think the ability to control camera focus and exposure is very important because more precise control for camera focus gives better results for recognition, according to our long-time OCR research. Now our developers are trying this feature on our ScanCard for iOS 6.  So please stay tuned.

For more, please visit this page.


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