5 ways to create paperless business cards

Do you want to be armed with your business card at every moment of every day? Do you have trouble finding your clients’ business cards when you need them? Do you have difficulty to organize your business cards?

Here is 5  solutions for you  to solve these problems and use paperless business cards(or called digital business cards):

1. ScanCard: A business card recognition application turns your phone camera into a powerful business card scanner. In addition, the digital business cards made by ScanCard are powered with Google Maps feature and Linkedin share, which makes digital business cards even more useful.  Would you like to try it? Click here to get one!

Scancard screenshot

2. LinkedIn: With over 161 million users around the world, LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking site that allows members to create paperless business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients. Click here to sign up an account.

3. About.me: About.me’s simple focus enables you to create a personal profile page(It’s also considered as a new type of business card with social network contents.) for you to attract people with multiple on-line profiles scattered across various services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, LinkedIn, Flickr, and more. Click here to create your account.

4.  Hashable.com:   Hashable.com allows you to create an paperless business card online, then keep track of  every interaction you have with others in your address book via the cloud service. It’s still a beta version right now(check here).

5.  Contxts.com: Contxts.com lets you and your new contact each send a simple text, then receive complete digital information. It’s really simple and fast.  Click  here to get the service.

What do you think of these services? They are all easy for you to create a paperless business cards.  So use them now to green up your business and save your time and money immediately!


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