Updated: ScanCard for Android V3.0 (Free) arrives with new UI and improved stability


ScanCard is a business card recognition application which is able to turn your phone camera into a business card scanner. It has a 95% accuracy. And it is  a convenient business card manager too. Now ScanCard support more than 17 languages including Chinese(Simplified&Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish and more.


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What’s new on V3.0?

1. Change a new UI for this version.
2. Add a new feature called “My Card” for you to exchange business cards more easily.
3. Add “Card Case”, “Frequent Contacts” and “Recent Contacts”
4. Add new search options for English letters, Chinese characters and Chinese Pinyin.
5. Update new sorting options for contacts: you can sort contacts by name, by company, or by created time now.
6. Add a password protection feature with an unlcok gesture.
7. Add a preview feature for every section of contact information.

Usage limit

For free trial version, now ScanCard has a use limit which only allows 30 cards to save. And this version will not include syncing function. The syncing function will be added in a follow-on release. We are sorry for the convenience. Thank you for the support.


ScanCard for Android V3.0 (Free trial version)

Click here to get premium editions  for no usage limit and better experience.


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