Tips for business card scanning apps

ocr scanning business cards

1. OCR is not 100% accurate all the time.

2. The most important thing for business card scanning apps is the quality of initial image. The background, the font size, the font color, the clearness of objects and other aspects all affect the quality of the image taken by your camera(or phone camera) and will affect the recognition results finally.

3. 300 DPI is the standard quality for image to scan. Why? 300 DPI is just that number where you gain the most accuracy without sacrificing speed and file size according to analysis. Because the improvement gap between 200 DPI scan and 300 DPI scan will be at least 2 times the improvement gap of any other resolutions. However, the improvement gap of 300 DPI and 400 DPI  is nearly absent.

4. OCR softwares need an auto-focus function for camera. If not, you will fail to recognize any documents almost every time.

5. Use 300-600 DPI. If the resolution is too low then the characters will be difficult to recognize. If it’s too high, processing time will increase and you’ll use more storage space.

To find more about OCR technologies, please visit this OCR page.  If you are the first time to use business card scanning apps, please click here to know more details.


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