iPhone 5 might get DSLR-like replaceable camera lenses

With the unveiling of iOS 6 during the WWDC 2012, we know that iPhone 5 is getting close to us now. And many websites are touting that the release date could hit as early as September 2012.

A recent Apple patent filing for replaceable lenses on the iPhone shows that Apple will continue to strengthen its photography ability. As we know, iPhone has been the most popular camera on Flickr for years. (Note: There are 3 most popular camera from Apple: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S). I think the replaceable lenses will bring an advantage to iPhone 5, especially when iOS 6 will upgrade with the sharing features like PhotoStream and iOS-wide integration of support for Twitter and Facebook.

In details, according to the patent files, there will be a removable back panel for camera lens on the iPhone 5. According to the patent application, “as the quality of digital images that can be obtained with highly compact devices increases, there is increasing demand for sophisticated features.” And it would be “desirable to provide a structure for a compact device that allows the end user to reconfigure the optical arrangement of the device while retaining the benefits of assembling the device using a pre-assembled digital imaging subsystem.”

So it seems iPhone 5 camera will looks like the DSLR camera, right? No doubt, we are very excited for this news. Because many applications rely on camera quality. For example, ScanCard only support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S due to the camera ability. For iPhone 3G, you need an accessory like macro zoom lens.


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