Will 16MP Omnivision camera appears on iPhone 5?

Camera is a competitive area for smartphone manufacturers. Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S use the same camera sensor from Sony, while Nokia will release Nokia 808 PureView with crazy 41 mega pixels on June.

Apple has introduced significant improvements to the iPhone’s camera capabilities in nearly every generation of iDevice so far. And when I get a new iPhone with new camera, it always make me feel it’s whole new phone even other hardware specs don’t get a lot of improvements. iPhone camera is so excellent that people love to take photos by iPhone. It’s said that iPhone has been the most popular camera on Flickr for years. And there is so-called iPhoneography.

Recently, camera rumors for iPhone 5 are increasing sharply. As we know, Omnivision had supplied 3MP camera for iPhone 3GS and a backside-illuminated 5MP camera for iPhone 4 except iPhone 4s. iPhone 4S’s 8MP camera is from Sony instead of Omnivision.

But recent rumors said, Omnivision will come back to iPhone 5 with a crazy 16MP backside-illuminated camera that could theoretically put the iPhone 4S’s image quality to shame. It’s reported that it is capable of taking perfect images for rumored Retina Macs we just heard of and shooting video in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. OmniVision’s new 16MP sensors means a resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixels. ( Note: “Retina Mac“for photo display: 5120×2880 = 14,745,600 pixels; for 4K film display: 4096×2160 = 8,847,360 pixels; “Retina iPad 3″ display: 2048×1536 = 3,145,728 pixels”;  “Retina iPhone 4S” dipaly: 960×640 = 614,400 pixels )

According to a leaked rear case for iPhone 5, the camera module cutout looks to be larger, which maybe prove that Omnivison’s 16MP backside-illumniated camera rumor for iPhone 5 is just real.

If this news is real finally, it will be huge for many developers especially for developers like Instagram and ScanCard-Business Card Scanner. For instance, ScanCard-Business Card Scanner technically only support iPhone 3GS(3MP camera),iPhone 4(5MP camera), iPhone 4S(8MP camera), iPad 2(960×720 still camera) and iPad 3(5MP camera). Because these cameras match the basic requirement of 300 dpi(dots per inch) for OCR(optical character recognition). ScanCard also support iPhone 3G, but you need a macro zoom lens.

So if next iPhone provides a better camera,  the quality of photos from phone camera will improve a lot and the accuracy of recognition  for documents will increase significantly too.

Click here to check the accuracy of  ScanCard-Business Card Scanner. Find much more about OCR technologies at this page.

Update on July 17: Analyst says iOS 6 brings “notable upgrade” to native Camera and Photos apps


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