Android dual core devices

2011 brings even more power to our portable devices. There are different manufacturer which market dual core CPU architecture. In this article, I will list some of the current devices that have such SOC (System On Chip).

1. Introduction

The mobile devices being use for gaming, as well as productivity, Internet browsing and media consumption, they require more and more power to satisfy our behaviors. That being said 2011 brings us the Android dual-core smart phones and tablet.

The architecture behind this SOC (System On Chip) is the dual core ARM. ARM is famous for developing low power consumption yet performant  mobile CPUs. NVIDIA, Texas Instrument, Apple and Samsung, licenced members of ARM platforms, develop  or produce mobile handsets using this technology.

I separate the list of devices into 2 category: firstly smart phones, secondly tablet.

2. Dual core phones

2.1. Motorolla Droid X2

2.2. Samsung Galaxy S II

2.3. Motorolla Atrix 4G

2.4. HTC Sensation

2.5. HTC Evo 3D

2.6. LG Optimus 2X

2.7. Spec comparison

3. Dual core tablet

3.1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

3.2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

3.3. Motorolla Xoom

3.4. Asus Transformer

3.5. Acer Iconica Tab 500

3.6. Spec comparison

4. Conclusion

More and more dual-core products are reaching the market.

Apple start to launch their Dual-core A5 line of products, and all the rumors around the  iPhone 5 (or whatever designation the next version of iPhone will get) place high the introduction of this dual-core.

On the other hand, NVIDIA already start to mention their next step: the quad-core mobile cpu with the  project code “Kal-El” to be release into market by the beginning of 2012.


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