Are you ready to update your android OS?

If we date back to 2 years ago, android was no more than a “geek-like” topic. However, the technology advances with such an amazing pace, at some point that it could even bring us a total revolution of lifestyle. Yep, everybody is talking about it nowadays. Android OS is dominating market share, largely ahead of its competitors. As shown in our previous “Android History” post, Android does work hard to build its very “open” platform and to make all the community keep on contributing into it, in terms of technology, ecosystem, marketing promotion and revenue generation. Among the whole great efforts done during these last years, its diligent updates of OS (operating system) should really be a key point to its success. For this concern, we are happy to interview some of our staffs working at XMSCAN, in regard of their personal points of view of Android OS.

Xiamen, 2011-6-22, interview with our android apps graphic designer, Vincent LIN

Editor: Hi Vincent, everybody here is talking that you are an android fervent. How about this title?

Vincent: (pause a second…) Well, I am not sure of that, but I am always impatient to update the Android OS version and try it every time a new one comes.

Editor: Well, I suppose you have already “washed” your android phones thousands of times, with different OS. So, could you tell us which android OS are you using for this moment?

Vincent: A customized distribution of 2.3.3 OS redesigned by MIUI. Well, it seems to work neatly on my HTC desire HD. MIUI is a Chinese developer community, dedicated to Android OS’s UI redesign and optimization. As far as I know, there are some similar projects in foreign countries, like cyanogens mod. Above all, I appreciate pretty much MIUI distributions, in particular with its rich launcher choices. By contrast, I found somehow hard to be satisfied with the official OS release. (Smile) you know I am a bit sensitive with UI.

Editor: Sounds nice to have more choices, hen?

Vincent: Yes, but the trick is that in generally I found the unofficial distributions’ stabilities are not as good as the official ones’.

Editor: Anyway, Google could take advantage of its ecosystem to work more efficiently. As android phone users, we are testing its OS every day and reporting the bugs or issues to Google. These information could be really huge.

Vincent: What’s more, with many customized OS distribution, root permission is usually required. That’s say your system is more likely exposed to potential damages, like from a mistaken action or some malwares, for example.

Editor: You have personally experience almost all the phase of Android OS revolution, from 1.5 to 3.0. Have you any remarks to share with our readers?

Vincent: Yes, it is taking more and more ROM each time (grin…) On some “elder” devices, you could really feel “freeze” after OS updated. I am not kidding but some devices could even get burning, after OS updated from 1.5 to 2.1 or above. Some people said that they had encountered more often the phone reboot issue because of that.

Editor: Yep, since higher Android OS requires more CPU calculation power and ROM resource, some “elder” devices cannot afford that easily, so just run with their 100% all the time, which leads to the horrible heating problem. Otherwise, “auto shut down” issue could have some relations with the lack of ROM memory, when many apps run at the same time and some apps run during too much time.

Vincent: Exactly, maybe a compromise is installing apps on SD card instead of directly in your phone’s memory in this case.

Editor: Time is short, and we are approaching the end of today’s interview unfortunately. We have to stop here otherwise the discussion could even have continued 3 days more.

Vincent: (Laugh heartily…)

Editor: It was a great pleasure talking with you. Thank you Vincent. Thank you very much for your time and we are really looking forward to viewing more design work from you.

Vincent: Thank you.


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