Android Market app missing issue

June 9, 2011 -Finally we applaud the return of our applications missing from Android Market since weeks ago. However, all we have done for saving our apps is just playing with the “save” button, in our Android developer’s account, without changing any text or settings. Since we have seen in forums some other apps are also suffering from the same mystery, we decide to publish the whole story here, hoping that could help.

May 19, 2011 -By searching our apps on some mobile phones, we notice that our applications are surprisingly missing from Android Market client of mobile phones. However, they are always confirming the presence on Android Market web portal. Very quickly, we dive into Google’s android market help forum and indeed there are some similar “miserable” voices, reporting the same story. Besides, something worth a note, “missing apps from certain location” is listed on the Google android market known issues. It seems that we are not the only “victim”, trying to calm down. (note: our company is located in China mainland.)


May 25, 2011 -No news. By the way, we continue to receive app payment orders from oversea markets, like US, Europe, etc. Except that here in China, we can no more find our apps on Android Market. Still wondering…


May 31, 2011 –Strangely enough, many apps of other developers which could not be found previously become visible again. But there are not ours, unfortunately. (Yes, we are always carrying on our search test in China). We are thinking that maybe it is not only a location-specific issue. Something must be going wrong concerning our apps. Panics… We are thinking of asking for the first aid of Google support, by filling the online report form


June 8, 2011 -After exchanging some Emails with Google’s staffs, we get some general suggestions, like to check the filter settings (ex: limit on device’s hardware characteristics) in our apps and to check the location settings according to which we distribute our apps, etc. Yes, we double check all the possible “guilty” settings. It seems everything is fine, except that we become a little more worried about our apps.


June 9, 2011 (happy ending) -Somehow desperate, we don’t look like to have many solutions but just try to play with the “save” buttons, in our android developer’s account. What we have done is really-really simple. First, log in to our android developer’s account. Second, we pick one of our apps, and we just click the “save” button, without changing any text or settings. Then we turn back to Android Market client on our mobile phone and search for this very app. Miracle, it is waiting for us there. Yes, we made it finally!


What is worth to know:

  1. We carry on our search test in China.
  2. The “save” button solution works for Android OS 2.2 and above.
  3. For Android OS 2.1, we did not have app missing problems.
  4. The apps in question are ScanCard, ScanDoc and ScanDic


If you have the similar issue, we hope this article could help. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to drop here.


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