Android dual core devices

2011 brings even more power to our portable devices. There are different manufacturer which market dual core CPU architecture. In this article, I will list some of the current devices that have such SOC (System On Chip).

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Are you ready to update your android OS?

If we date back to 2 years ago, android was no more than a “geek-like” topic. However, the technology advances with such an amazing pace, at some point that it could even bring us a total revolution of lifestyle. Yep, everybody is talking about it nowadays. Android OS is dominating market share, largely ahead of its competitors. As shown in our previous “Android History” post, Android does work hard to build its very “open” platform and to make all the community keep on contributing into it, in terms of technology, ecosystem, marketing promotion and revenue generation. Among the whole great efforts done during these last years, its diligent updates of OS (operating system) should really be a key point to its success. For this concern, we are happy to interview some of our staffs working at XMSCAN, in regard of their personal points of view of Android OS.

Xiamen, 2011-6-22, interview with our android apps graphic designer, Vincent LIN

Editor: Hi Vincent, everybody here is talking that you are an android fervent. How about this title?

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ScanCard – Business Card Reader reviewed by TheAppPlanet

ScanCard - Business Card Reader

ScanCard - Business Card Reader

Derek Walter from TheAppPlanet reviewed this week end our ScanCard – Business Card Reader application.

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Android statistics: visual history of Android OS

Following is a time frame of the important milestones of Android OS.

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android history and milestones

android history and milestones


Android Market app missing issue

June 9, 2011 -Finally we applaud the return of our applications missing from Android Market since weeks ago. However, all we have done for saving our apps is just playing with the “save” button, in our Android developer’s account, without changing any text or settings. Since we have seen in forums some other apps are also suffering from the same mystery, we decide to publish the whole story here, hoping that could help.

May 19, 2011 -By searching our apps on some mobile phones, we notice that our applications are surprisingly missing Read more of this post

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