Cloud Business

What are you getting in your mind, when somebody talks about “Cloud Business”? Yew, don’t get me wrong, are you mentioning the 2009 famous American movie “Up in the Air” directed by Jason Reitman, which received six Golden Globe nominations. The story is about a busy business guy (George Clooney), spending his life travelling on the cloud.

Well, maybe you would like to remind me another “should not pass by” buzz of the “cloud”, generated by “icloud”, a cloud-based music service of AppleRecently, it seems a trend for IT giants to get involved into the fashion “cloud” and do their business “up in the air”, since actually Apple is not the only neither the first one to “fly”, but also Amazon cloud player launched late March and Google’s “Music Beta” virtual locker announce also their presence aloft.

For those who are curious of the story origin, voila a Wikipedia page explaining “Cloud Computing” (which is somehow confused with “cloud service” by the public. Well, never mind it). Indeed, the first scholarly use of the term “cloud computing” dates back in 1997. However, we cannot ignore it anymore with the birth of more and more “cloud-based” services recently in our real life.

How about “clouding” your paper business cards then using them to communicate with your business contacts more easily in the air? Since our company is about to release our new “cloud business” solutions for Android phones and iPhones at the 31st May 2011, we would like to take advantage of this post to launch a poll below. We are also looking forward to having your comments here.


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