5 tips to maximize your camera phone’s potential

Nowadays, camera phone (a wiki page about camera phone) becomes far more than a picture shooting device. Actually, it could recognize plenty of daily-life stuffs and could even help you learn the world better, thanks to some Android and iPhone apps. Right now, let’s discover together some pieces of examples about how to make better use of it. Here you go, the 5 tips we pick for your reading. Hopefully you would find some best camera phone apps for your need.

1. Document Reader

It is not just a matter of snapping a picture of the doc and then saving it. There are applications allowing your precious smartphone to do more. Recently, a lot of people are talking about a new release of  “famous” Google Docs for Android, which is able to transfer the doc image into a totally editable digital  text. Apart from “reading” the document, some applications more “sexy”, like Wordlens (for iPhone, recognizes English&Spanish), ScanDic (for iPhone and Android, recognizes Chinese, English and some other European languages as well), even allow themselves to translate the text recognized by your camera phone into any language you choose.

2. Reality Lens (Augmented Reality)

Ever heard of taking a magic lens to learn the world around you?  It is not a science fiction, but actually some apps on your camera phone can do the job! Voila, a good example, Layar.  Like its name, you just overlay your phone camera on the world in front of you, it will then recognize the objects in the field of vision and describe them using its “knowledge”. Maybe a video could explain more. Layar (for both iPhone and Android) is not the only one, Cyclopedia (for iPhone) and Google Goggles (for both iPhone and Android) do also more or less the same.

3. Barcode reader & QR code Reader

This part is dedicated to “shoppers”, lol. When you go shopping in a supermarket, you could just use your camera phone to capture the barcode or QR code of products, then it is telling what this stuff is, displaying its user reviews, even the information on where you can get it at the best price, and so on. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Indeed, there are numerous apps of this kind, like RedLaser (for both iPhone and Android) and QR droid (for Android, certainly) are just two examples.

4. Face Recognition

Yup, maybe a “killer app” of the next generation. A pioneer, Viewdle, has already showed its paces recently. The idea is to recognize the human face with the camera phone and then connect to its profile via many communication tools like IM, SNS, etc.

5. Business Card Reader

Contrary to the part 3, this paragraph will interest businessmen. All you need to do is just taking pictures of your business cards with your camera phone. Then it is extracting the informations automatically and saving them in the “cardholder” on your mobile phone. No typo, no manual, all things are done in a couple of seconds. Above that, you can easily search one contact by just entering a keyword then you will get it immediately. Sounds helpful, doesn’t it? Maybe you would like to check the applications in question, ScanCard (for both iPhone and Android) or Google goggles (for both iPhone and Android)


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