Cloud Business

What are you getting in your mind, when somebody talks about “Cloud Business”? Yew, don’t get me wrong, are you mentioning the 2009 famous American movie “Up in the Air” directed by Jason Reitman, which received six Golden Globe nominations. The story is about a busy business guy (George Clooney), spending his life travelling on the cloud.

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The most popular android phones

It is held that Android OS becomes No.1 in the smart phone’s world. A lot of buzz are created recently on the “Android vs iPhone OS” debate. At this occasion, XMSCAN’s marketing team makes a mini-study on “the most popular android phones”, based on XMSCAN’s app statistics.

We revise 2 periods for the same applications. Here below is an example with the app ScanCard – business card reader.

1. From July 2010 to February 2011:

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5 tips to maximize your camera phone’s potential

Nowadays, camera phone (a wiki page about camera phone) becomes far more than a picture shooting device. Actually, it could recognize plenty of daily-life stuffs and could even help you learn the world better, thanks to some Android and iPhone apps. Right now, let’s discover together some pieces of examples about how to make better use of it. Here you go, the 5 tips we pick for your reading. Hopefully you would find some best camera phone apps for your need.

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