PIM (Personal Information Management) part 2

On the previous part of this series of articles (PIM part1), I was giving an overview of Personal Information Manager architecture and a short example of SyncML.

In this second part we will see some applications using PIM and SyncML.

1. Examples

1.1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is, as the name suggests, a schedules manager. You can put the anniversaries of your loved ones, make your planing of appointments and even share entries with others.
This service can provide more flexibility by the usage of SyncML and auto synchronize to your local calendar on any android device.

1.2. Google Contacts

The same way as Google Calendar, Google contacts is the contact manager of the global Google solution. It automatically synchronizes your local android device’s address book.

2. XMSCAN products and services

2.1. ScanCard

pim - xmscan's scancard solution
ScanCard is a Business Card Reader application available for Android devices as well as iPhone. This application has also a complete address book which allows you to use the contact recognized by the OCR engine. You can synchronize your local address book to the two other products making it an important part of XMSCAN’s pim solution.

2.2. Aipim

pim - xmscan's aipim solution
Aipim is the server side of the PIM’s solution. It integrates a full calendar and a contact manager. More functions are accessible via Aipim, like sending group SMS, launching a conference call.
Aipim can be accessed via http or wap.

2.3. UU PC Suite

pim - xmscan's UU PC Suite solution
UU PC Suite software is the PIM client for personal computer. It integrates a full contacts manager coupled with a business card reader.
Furthermore you can directly plug your android devices, and sync the local address book to your mobile one.
XMSCAN also provides an android market that is accessible via UU software; you can download and install apks from your computer.

2.4. Global picture

xmscan's pim solution


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